Traversing the usual course of successful evolution, Facebook has yet again upgraded itself to provide its users with something even more remarkable than before. Facebook Timeline is making regular headlines in the past couple of months, and if you are among the most active users of this masterful social networking site, you must already have gained some idea about this new feature. It would certainly not be surprising if you have already converted to the newer version of profile presentation.

In very simple words, Timeline for Facebook offers users the opportunity to present themselves to the world with far more grandeur than ever before. It is no longer about posting your identity so that people you may have known can locate you and track your activities. It is about letting the world get a glimpse of who you are and the quality of life you have chosen for yourself. It is a bigger and better picture of you, and a great way to make some incredible sides of your personality and existence known to all those who matter. The option of Cover Photo in Facebook Timeline is only the beginning of what you could make of your image.

There are many though, who are still in doubts about how to use Facebook Timeline app or how to make the transition from the existing profile to the new one. In the beginning, all this information may sound a bit too overwhelming. However, the fact is, using Timeline is not difficult at all. All you have to do is take the initiative to start and then continue with the help of instructions that follow.

How to get the Timeline?

It all starts with clicking the ‘Get It Now’ button. The first thing that you will be instructed to do is to add a cover image. This is the picture of you that will cover almost all of the computer screen, and is among the most dramatic impact creators till date. Thus, choose something that depicts an exciting attribute of yourself and post it accordingly. Rest of the pictures that you may have accumulated over time, is shuffled and reposted under the cover photo by Timeline.

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