Nowadays society came to a point of ignoring privacy. We go public on everything, we’d even write an online journal of where we are and where we’ll go tomorrow. With Facebook, your profile and timeline may be private or public, but it’s highly advisable to make it private. People are wondering why they would need private profiles and private posts on the timeline since:

  1. Whatever gets posted is not a secret
  2. Their friends should see the activity and all posts and eventually friends of friends as well
  3. People who don’t know them wouldn’t be interested in their profiles

Well, there is some amount of truth in that point of view but Facebook timeline privacy settings should be considered because:

  1. The less people know about you the more you are protected and can live a normal life. Think about all the Hollywood stars … do they have a normal life with enough privacy?
  2. There are weird people and even worse, psychos. The last thing you want is having them look at your personal information, your location, posts or anything else on your profile.

There are basically two different scenarios on Facebook timeline privacy settings:

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