Recently Facebook changed a lot and as things rise and fall, we can’t really conclude whether it was a positive change or a negative one. Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to enter the stock and earn money was probably good in the beginning but now he’s facing severe problems, since Facebook actions dropped tremendously over the last weeks and days. Why is this happening? It’s happening most probably because it was overrated in the first place.

The vote focuses on the recent Facebook privacy policy changes which took place before Facebook was entered to the stock. The voting page is at the following address:

facebook timeline voting

There’s still time until the voting ends and it’s important for every user to make their choices. As Facebook officials announced, the vote only becomes valid if at least one third of the Facebook users will get into voting. If not, the changes are going to be applied anyways. One week of total voting time on the other hand is just enough for people to realize its importance and do something good.

The biggest issue around the Facebook privacy policy is the unconsciousness of people who have their Facebook accounts opened and robotically click and tick the agree boxes on a lot of terms and conditions without reading them. The same can be said about Facebook applications which sometimes totally violate all of your privacy and the saddest thing is that you confirmed that you agree with it, so you can’t even stand against it afterwards!

Facebook had a voting before this, dating back to 2009, but the social network encountered a lot of changes since that time. It’s not privately own anymore, since stock shares have been sold, it has a lot more users than ever. As critics said, Mark Zuckerberg was very greedy when announcing the prices on the stock market and actually people are blaming him for losing their money. As things stood initially, it seemed that it’s a major success.

However, even if the stock didn’t bring the desired level of success, people still love Facebook and it’s still one of the biggest names on this planet.

It’s good to know that Facebook lets us choose our destinies with the privacy policy and let’s hope that there is the one third of users who will actually take their times to vote. We didn’t get any voting when the timeline was introduced so at least we get a voting when the privacy policy has been changed and now being proposed just like a new law is proposed to parliament.

Previously, for the revisions of the policy documents it was allowed by Facebook that users can tell their opinion about the revision. Most probably user comments have been considered while now proposing the latest version of the revisions, the final form of the document that’s going to be either introduced or changed (if the voting decides that it doesn’t really accept the document as it is currently).

Don’t wait on this issue! You won’t get a second chance so please start voting right now if you care just a little bit!

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