Facebook has somehow found magical ways for itself to be un-liked. The main problem that I fear of is that if we had a survey to conduct on all present and former Facebook users to ask them if they are satisfied with Facebook overall or not, the high percentage would draw to not. The most recent Facebook trick happened to mess with the Facebook e-mails.

Now, we may wonder how that is possible, since a couple of months ago things were like we are allowed to freely activate our Facebook e-mails if we want to. It was really nice at first look: having your @Facebook emails within your Facebook messages and being able to customize that address one time to an address which was still available. But what do we get now? All of the sudden, Facebook unannounced as always, forced us to have our Facebook emails. Well, we might overlook this, since if we don’t use that address, it doesn’t matter, and if we used it, it was already set.

Unluckily for Facebook, being criticized more and more righteously, this “force” didn’t come alone. Seems that they overlooked something very important, something they could even get sued for if someone got that mad. The problem occurred on the mobile devices, people who logged in to Facebook using iOS 6.0. Well, the complaint, which was posted on the internet (and cannot be truly verified if it’s applicable for all mobile devices logging into Facebook or not), stated that some emails were lost. So how did these get lost? Simply the synchronization application messed up some contact details, changing the non-Facebook “normal” e-mail address of a contact to the Facebook e-mail address of the same contact. Doubt arises since the Facebook e-mail address was correct, still the person who owned the Facebook e-mail address didn’t get the email sent from the mobile device, which should’ve arrived anyway.

We don’t really know yet if this is an isolated case of an unlucky syncing app or not, but one thing is for sure: they truly disregard anything related to their users. They disregard our privacy and our opinion. Who made Facebook this selfish? We don’t know, it’s easy to blame Mark Zuckerberg, but probably the fault isn’t entirely on him.

A smart advice I can give you is this: until they somehow manage to sort their Facebook timeline change with the automatically assigned e-mail addresses, you should turn off every single mobile application that may attempt to synchronize your phone contacts with your Facebook contacts. Simply as a matter of personal security of not losing important contact details, it’s advisable to do that.

Facebook should really consider taking changes slowly and with proper notification of its own users. As of the present, it’s more like a simple dictatorship: you’re the user and you need to accept everything they once decided to change within Facebook. Of course, we shouldn’t be able to “govern” how Facebook changes, but at least every change they do should be entirely based on the honest opinions of us, users.

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