Facebook now seems to force its own will on every single user, whether we like it or not. As of August 2012, Facebook Timeline is mandatory and there is no Facebook option or setting to go back to the older design.

You see, the problem does not solely rely on the design or functionality of the timeline – I can honestly say it’s well designed, creative and fully functional. Problems come from what Facebook users currently feel like and how they react to this forced change. It’s like living in a democracy and then realizing it’s all turning into dictatorship. I guess it wouldn’t have affected many people if Facebook would’ve left a simple option to turn off the timeline, just for the sake of the Facebook users who still claim that the older design was a lot better and far more accessible.

Of course it wasn’t such a great idea, not even close to a good idea from Mark Zuckerberg to give users a time bomb which goes off anyway. I mean, why do we all need the timeline? Why couldn’t there be some designs, variations? The essence of the Facebook algorithms and specific things would still be the same. It would simply be like adding a skin to Winamp – functionality remains while looks change. However, from an unknown reason, Zuckerberg did not see this side of the story.

The worst part of this mandatory timeline upbringing is that people were somehow starting to get comfortable with the optional timeline – some of them liked the idea and installed timeline while others were relaxed and happy with the older profile page design. And now when things were already criticized, when the stock market entrance wasn’t as successful as initially thought, yet we get another series of bad news. How much would it take for Mark Zuckerberg to realize that his popularity is decreasing? Does he really want to wait until all of the Facebook addicts become Twitter addicts or Google+ addicts?

The situation mentioned just above is what concerns me the most. Seeing a company with such huge potentials and options in their hands, seeing how they ruin things slowly. People are getting sick of the mandatory Facebook changes and things they didn’t even want so they decide leaving Facebook for any other social network which treats users as parts of the community.

Yet another problem comes with the newly brought Facebook Apps, the timeline specific apps. These applications can be installed but once you do that, they will post and update automatically. What would exactly be updated? Let’s say you are not a Justin Bieber fan and never even listened to him and just out of curiosity you decide to listen to one of his songs and then boom: you have a new Facebook post that you’re currently watching Justin Bieber on YouTube! Man, that is annoying! Not everything you watch has to do with your personality nor does it have to be published for everyone to see. We all have our rights to private life and we can all decide what to share with other and what not to share. This is why we all need to be careful which Facebook Apps we choose to install! Make sure you read the terms and functionality of that application because once you let it begin its own job, it won’t stop doing that.

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