Many people ask themselves how Facebook user emails work. Are they like regular email addresses? Or any different than that? Can you use them to send emails to any other email providers worldwide?

To start off, yes, basically Facebook user emails can be considered the same as other emails, but with special functions. Of course, as you’d guess, these functions are in the layout and the delivery mode: the emails you send are treated like they’d be Facebook messages, but actually they are regular emails sent by you.

Receiving any email to your is also tricky, as it gets back to you in the form of Facebook messages. Since many people find it handy to follow and keep a record of it, Facebook messages were never complained about and are quite easy and flexible in usage. However, your spam filter for incoming emails is also the Facebook-way of privacy: you can set your custom message privacy settings on your Facebook profile and these settings will affect what you receive and from who you receive.

As you know, you can choose your own custom Facebook link. On April 12, 2012 Facebook announced:

“Starting today, we’re updating addresses on Facebook to make them consistent across our site. Now, the address people use to get to your timeline and send you email on Facebook will be the same. Updated addresses will be rolled out over the next few weeks. Note: Anyone who already selected an email address will not be affected.

If you want to choose an address today, visit “

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So this basically means you will be given your Facebook email address automatically, based on the link you’d choose. Other social media websites also offer these short links, but not many of them offer any free email services.

Some rumors say that Facebook user emails would be assigned automatically to everyone who hasn’t made any decision yet. If this is true or not, we’ll see, but as of now, it’s either a rumor only or something that is being planned but not put into action at this time.

However, this new syncing plan for the Facebook user emails is still within promoting the timeline, a Facebook feature that is not appreciated as much as Mark Zuckerberg thought it would be. But this doesn’t mean that the email idea is a bad thing, after all it’s great to have it! On the other hand, the timeline is still debated, like the missing “dislike” button. Let’s hope that Zuckerberg will have some time to arrange these issues because according to his position – it’s actually not a big deal, he could handle it anytime he wanted to.

But why would Facebook users need these Facebook user emails? It’s a fact that people really enjoy emails and use them almost daily. Well, in fact, considering the average, it’s used daily. Some people on the other hand neglect their social network profiles because they find it boring or useless. Facebook’s plan to sync the emails with the timelines could get more people logging in and spending time on Facebook!

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