In eight years Facebook become a $114 billion business.

Below is a timeline from the starting and how is the company right now:

February 4, 2004: Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg (and few others).

June 2004: It gets a first big investor. Peter Thiel invested $500.000 in Facebook.

March 2005: Facebook received and refused an offer from Viacom to sell the site for 75$ millions.

March 2006: Offer from Yahoo! to buy Facebook for $1 billion. Again rejected!

October 24, 2007: Microsoft buys 1.4%, valuing at $15 billion the company.

August 26, 2008: Facebook had 100 million users.

January 2009: Facebook become the largest social network.

June 2011: Facebook released the “Like” button.

September 2011: They introduced the Facebook Timeline, a new feature.

April 24, 2012: Facebook had 900 million active users.

May 28, 2012, 11:30 A.M. EST: NASDAQ: FB: they are on the stock market with the Facebook IPO priced at $42.

The full history from the official Facebook’s Timeline here.

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A lot of people forget that they could easily get involved and setup Facebook content marketing to benefit your company or family business. Since millions of users are registered to Facebook or simply view Facebook while being together with friends who have Facebook accounts, news and information spread quickly when posted to Facebook.

Did anyone ever think about how the Facebook timeline improves Facebook content marketing? Did anyone consider that simple actions, simple photos, simple timeline construction may eventually lead to more customers and news spreading fast? A lot criticism is still targeting the controverted Facebook timeline introduced by Mark Zuckerberg but actually it’s an excellent option.

Not all of us have our own companies but things as simple as hand-crafted objects on sale for $1-$10 or having a personal blog meant to share poems and short stories can as well be promoted with a Facebook page and a lot of small sales and revenue will eventually add up and become a lot in time.

Some recent rumors speculate on a future decision of Mark Zuckerberg to change free Facebook pages into paid ones or maybe even charge fees for being a simple Facebook user with a generic profile not promoting anything. None of us may confirm such things and even more, I might say it will never happen, just because it may bring Facebook to zero and turn a brand into something forgotten and we all know that Zuckerberg won’t let go that easily.

We can make use of some simple strategies to promote generally anything on a Facebook page. Facebook pages, unlike general profiles, are meant to represent companies of all types and sizes.

The timeline cover impact

The major hit and benefit of having the Facebook timeline, especially while considering promotion and Facebook content marketing, is the timeline cover. Since it has a banner-like visual appearance and is definitely the first thing to notice upon navigation to that page, the timeline cover will give the first impressions. Generally, it’s good to have a photo including the company logo or a professional photo of the owner of the business and a good motto or short promotional text next to it.

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Many people ask themselves how Facebook user emails work. Are they like regular email addresses? Or any different than that? Can you use them to send emails to any other email providers worldwide?

To start off, yes, basically Facebook user emails can be considered the same as other emails, but with special functions. Of course, as you’d guess, these functions are in the layout and the delivery mode: the emails you send are treated like they’d be Facebook messages, but actually they are regular emails sent by you.

Receiving any email to your is also tricky, as it gets back to you in the form of Facebook messages. Since many people find it handy to follow and keep a record of it, Facebook messages were never complained about and are quite easy and flexible in usage. However, your spam filter for incoming emails is also the Facebook-way of privacy: you can set your custom message privacy settings on your Facebook profile and these settings will affect what you receive and from who you receive.

As you know, you can choose your own custom Facebook link. On April 12, 2012 Facebook announced:

“Starting today, we’re updating addresses on Facebook to make them consistent across our site. Now, the address people use to get to your timeline and send you email on Facebook will be the same. Updated addresses will be rolled out over the next few weeks. Note: Anyone who already selected an email address will not be affected.

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Companies have already realized how easy it is to promote themselves and their services on social networks, especially on dynamic and growing ones like Facebook. Nowadays it is still Facebook that sets the rules among social networking websites. Google+ and other alternatives are constantly trying to dethrone Facebook but that’s still a dream and if it ever happens, won’t be easy.

This is why a Facebook timeline app for podcasts from Wizzard Media came out in the perfect time. These podcasts, just like mainly every podcast, are streamed content and with the use of Facebook people can like, share the podcasts. As you can write where you are and with whom, you could have a text like “… is now watching/listening to Wizzard Media’s ….” on your Facebook timeline.

The new Facebook timeline app for podcasts, only thanks to the dynamics and popularity of this network got a lot of visitors at once, all unique: over 20 million! Can you imagine that? That is the real power of promoting through Facebook.

Statistics have already shown that Facebook benefits mainly any company worldwide, because it spreads the news with the speed of light, thanks to the sharing, the likes and all of the Facebook “specialties”.

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We’ve seen several websites of free Facebook Timeline cover photos. These websites are truly awesome and share their custom made photos for free, with only one thing in return: their logo or link on your cover photo.

However, sometimes or most of the times we feel more like creating our own timeline covers as we feel that the pre-made ones aren’t really based on our imagination and not necessarily representing our colorful personalities.

There are several tools for awesome Facebook timeline covers on the internet and most of these are free and great. After all of course it’s free, they get their revenue from a lot of popularity and thus advertisements put on their pages pay off excellently.

Get inspired by the creativity of others before choosing the tools

Some Facebook users used their creativity as tools for awesome Facebook timeline covers. And guess what the result is?

It turned out to be perfectly funny and attractive! One of the popular options in creating these custom covers with tricks as simple as a desktop screenshot is the usage of other social media webpages (as screenshot – timeline cover picture only) so it confuses you while it’s actually only an image and the other social media is not there, it’s still Facebook. However, it can get you a lot of popularity for being awesome!

Other choices as possible Facebook Timeline Covers which are “handmade” are:

  • Some sort of mobile phone screen or iPad layout
  • A picture of you actually holding your profile picture
  • Some sort of creative, effect-full hipster cover
  • Using cartoons to include your picture in
  • Using pictures of famous scenes/movie casts
  • Any other creativity

Best online tools for awesome Facebook timeline covers

Before going online, you only need to find out whether you’re good or not at Photoshop. If the answer is positive, you may want to start using this great tool and then all the options and creativity is in your hands, as Photoshop is an amazing tool for such purposes as well as various others. You can even get great Photoshop templates for creating your own Facebook timeline cover.

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