Since the introduction of the Facebook timeline, people had controversy in their opinions as they grouped in two camps: the one that found the timeline innovative and as a great new feature and the others saying that the old Facebook was a lot better and this feels like unworthy of Facebook.

Well, to be honest, people sometimes refuse to accept the new only because they were used to the old. We can’t clearly affirm that the timeline would get us in bad position. What we can know for certain is that the Facebook timeline presents our social reality in a new and amazing way. Our posts are grouped by months and as we are scrolling down the profile page, older and older posts are revealed.

Features such as adding friends or uploading any pictures to our albums now also show a lot more clearly. Fonts are easier to read and the center line, the timeline itself having posts and updates on both the left and the right sides is good as it’s a lot easier to review personal activity or the activity of our friends.

The cool thing about the new timeline is the timeline banner, which appears on the top of the page representing your profile. You can get your already uploaded pictures to appear on your Facebook timeline banner but some great websites offer their banners for free and it is easy to pick the one you like.

The only thing when using banners that others have made is that they will have a short copyright-like text on the banner. One of these websites is
timeline banners

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