A lot of people forget that they could easily get involved and setup Facebook content marketing to benefit your company or family business. Since millions of users are registered to Facebook or simply view Facebook while being together with friends who have Facebook accounts, news and information spread quickly when posted to Facebook.

Did anyone ever think about how the Facebook timeline improves Facebook content marketing? Did anyone consider that simple actions, simple photos, simple timeline construction may eventually lead to more customers and news spreading fast? A lot criticism is still targeting the controverted Facebook timeline introduced by Mark Zuckerberg but actually it’s an excellent option.

Not all of us have our own companies but things as simple as hand-crafted objects on sale for $1-$10 or having a personal blog meant to share poems and short stories can as well be promoted with a Facebook page and a lot of small sales and revenue will eventually add up and become a lot in time.

Some recent rumors speculate on a future decision of Mark Zuckerberg to change free Facebook pages into paid ones or maybe even charge fees for being a simple Facebook user with a generic profile not promoting anything. None of us may confirm such things and even more, I might say it will never happen, just because it may bring Facebook to zero and turn a brand into something forgotten and we all know that Zuckerberg won’t let go that easily.

We can make use of some simple strategies to promote generally anything on a Facebook page. Facebook pages, unlike general profiles, are meant to represent companies of all types and sizes.

The timeline cover impact

The major hit and benefit of having the Facebook timeline, especially while considering promotion and Facebook content marketing, is the timeline cover. Since it has a banner-like visual appearance and is definitely the first thing to notice upon navigation to that page, the timeline cover will give the first impressions. Generally, it’s good to have a photo including the company logo or a professional photo of the owner of the business and a good motto or short promotional text next to it.

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