We’ve seen several websites of free Facebook Timeline cover photos. These websites are truly awesome and share their custom made photos for free, with only one thing in return: their logo or link on your cover photo.

However, sometimes or most of the times we feel more like creating our own timeline covers as we feel that the pre-made ones aren’t really based on our imagination and not necessarily representing our colorful personalities.

There are several tools for awesome Facebook timeline covers on the internet and most of these are free and great. After all of course it’s free, they get their revenue from a lot of popularity and thus advertisements put on their pages pay off excellently.

Get inspired by the creativity of others before choosing the tools

Some Facebook users used their creativity as tools for awesome Facebook timeline covers. And guess what the result is?

It turned out to be perfectly funny and attractive! One of the popular options in creating these custom covers with tricks as simple as a desktop screenshot is the usage of other social media webpages (as screenshot – timeline cover picture only) so it confuses you while it’s actually only an image and the other social media is not there, it’s still Facebook. However, it can get you a lot of popularity for being awesome!

Other choices as possible Facebook Timeline Covers which are “handmade” are:

  • Some sort of mobile phone screen or iPad layout
  • A picture of you actually holding your profile picture
  • Some sort of creative, effect-full hipster cover
  • Using cartoons to include your picture in
  • Using pictures of famous scenes/movie casts
  • Any other creativity

Best online tools for awesome Facebook timeline covers

Before going online, you only need to find out whether you’re good or not at Photoshop. If the answer is positive, you may want to start using this great tool and then all the options and creativity is in your hands, as Photoshop is an amazing tool for such purposes as well as various others. You can even get great Photoshop templates for creating your own Facebook timeline cover.

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