Lately we have witnessed major changes and unexpected actions and decisions of the Facebook leader and owner, Mark Zuckerberg. Among some probably instable or bad decisions like Facebook Timeline, Zuckerberg decided that Facebook should provide an option to share organs, meant to save people who are in desperate need of such an operation.

Actually what is the story behind the decision? Facts of how people live in the United States and how badly they are affected by the unavailability of donated organs was a major influence but Zuckerberg also had some discussions with his girlfriend how goes to college and intends to become a doctor. More or less, besides being influenced or not, the Facebook option is welcome to everyone.

It is common that young people die due to unexpected accidents and situations. Death, especially when not caused by a long fight with a fatal disease, may be caused by the following factors at younger people:

  • work excess – the need of money may cause you not to know when to stop and your body simply fails to handle the situation
  • car accident – very frequent

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