Recently Facebook changed a lot and as things rise and fall, we can’t really conclude whether it was a positive change or a negative one. Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to enter the stock and earn money was probably good in the beginning but now he’s facing severe problems, since Facebook actions dropped tremendously over the last weeks and days. Why is this happening? It’s happening most probably because it was overrated in the first place.

The vote focuses on the recent Facebook privacy policy changes which took place before Facebook was entered to the stock. The voting page is at the following address:

facebook timeline voting

There’s still time until the voting ends and it’s important for every user to make their choices. As Facebook officials announced, the vote only becomes valid if at least one third of the Facebook users will get into voting. If not, the changes are going to be applied anyways. One week of total voting time on the other hand is just enough for people to realize its importance and do something good.

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