Companies have already realized how easy it is to promote themselves and their services on social networks, especially on dynamic and growing ones like Facebook. Nowadays it is still Facebook that sets the rules among social networking websites. Google+ and other alternatives are constantly trying to dethrone Facebook but that’s still a dream and if it ever happens, won’t be easy.

This is why a Facebook timeline app for podcasts from Wizzard Media came out in the perfect time. These podcasts, just like mainly every podcast, are streamed content and with the use of Facebook people can like, share the podcasts. As you can write where you are and with whom, you could have a text like “… is now watching/listening to Wizzard Media’s ….” on your Facebook timeline.

The new Facebook timeline app for podcasts, only thanks to the dynamics and popularity of this network got a lot of visitors at once, all unique: over 20 million! Can you imagine that? That is the real power of promoting through Facebook.

Statistics have already shown that Facebook benefits mainly any company worldwide, because it spreads the news with the speed of light, thanks to the sharing, the likes and all of the Facebook “specialties”.

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