The entire Facebook timeline story got major attention since the beginning. Users around the internet were complaining about a need for the “dislike” button while it seems that Mark Zuckerberg found that useless or not benefic to his business ideal.

The old layout of a Facebook profile was easy to follow, you had the parts of your profile in the left navigation menu, your friends listed below, and the big space in the center of the page for you to see your wall. Apparently people just loved this way, the way it was. So what did the timeline for Facebook change? Why would anyone need to go back to the times before the timeline? How to disable Facebook timeline?

 Timeline changed a lot, because now you basically have a cover photo (besides your profile picture), a wide area for applications or albums, some of your friends below, and then the equally split page downwards, chronologically ordering your lifetime events: as you go down the older ones come up. On the right there is a date navigation menu, so that you can look up the year you want to have a look into.

Well, actually Zuckerberg did have a point, since in business the change of look and style is always needed and welcome but maybe he should’ve just asked what the users think. I mean it’s made for us, users, right?

The reasons why one would change back are obvious. Let’s list the common ones:

  • Being older in age, such immense changes are not welcome since you’ve learned how to use Facebook before and now you need to start all over again
  • Sometimes it’s hard to look at the left, and the right, and the left until you find the posts you are looking for. Just going down on the page is easier for our brains.
  • Crowd spirit – others say timeline sucks, let me say the same.

Obligation to use the timeline

Some rumors said that Facebook will force you to use the timeline or delete your profile which is actually fake (as of May at least). It’s more fair to say that once you click and accept to change to the timeline Facebook doesn’t offer an option to go back to the original layout. This actually was a bad design and decision, since everybody knows people love the old look as much as they love the new one, and many people wouldn’t go for the new one but only take a short look at it. All in all there is no obligation yet.

How to remove Facebook timeline?

Older Internet Explorer versions don’t use the timeline, because it’s not implemented yet. You can try installing an older browser and use it solely to view your profile in the old way. Since we can not remove Facebook Timeline at least we can avoid it.

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