Recently there has been a great amount of chaos on the stock market as the people who invested their money into Facebook actions accused the Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg and the stock agencies of cheating and greed. Maybe the accusations were real and may they weren’t but one thing is for sure: Zuckerberg put some thought again into what his next step should be and he figured to do a Facebook timeline redesign. We must mention that his idea did show the needed success as the Facebook actions increased by more than 3% already!

While the controversy around the “older” new timeline didn’t end yet, here we go again with a new Facebook timeline redesign. Of course, criticisms appeared from the very first couple of minutes saying that this action will annoy Facebook users once again and some of them would feel motivated enough to leave Facebook and delete their profiles. However, since together with the thousand critics we’ve read lately we somehow accepted the timeline, there are high chances of accepting the newer version as well and the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is aware of the love we share for his network and we know he uses this information into his own favor, but let’s face it: wouldn’t we do the same if we ran a business of our own?

What does the Facebook timeline redesign bring up again?

One might think that the current version would really need no more changes whatsoever. Maybe this time the changes are quite useful, since some of the information moved on to the cover photo. Okay, so let’s explain this action in details. Before, you were able to see your location, relationship status, working place right below the timeline cover.

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Make the Facebook Timeline mandatory from 30th March. Is that what you agree to? There’s no way around it so maybe it’s time to rethink your Facebook strategy if you’re a business owner or if you have your own fan page.

Facebook Timeline cover was first introduced on December 15, 2011. Initially, users could opt for a 7 day trial period before they decided whether to switch to Timeline or not but soon it became evident that once you chose to get Timeline there was no going back. Well, news is that all Facebook pages, including Fan Pages and pages for businesses will also be making the switch to Timeline on March 30th. There’s no way around it so maybe it’s time to rethink your Facebook strategy if you’re a business owner or if you have your own fan page.

Why Facebook Timeline is mandatory?

Many people are very confused and downright worried about how to go about making a new Facebook Timeline page for their business. Well, there’s no need to panic as we have all the useful info that you need to start building your new page from scratch.

The first and most visible feature  is probably the big Facebook Timeline cover photo which is displayed on your main page. The cover photo will be visible to everyone who visits your page so make sure that it represents your business or your fan page appropriately. Setting a banner or logo which represents your business as your cover photo is probably the best way to go. Facebook for business is a good marketing strategy.

Facebook Timeline features

Another big new feature of Timeline is the new scrapbook-like layout instead of the linear arrangement of posts like in the old Facebook page. Play around with how you arrange your posts until you find what looks best and gives the best information to visitors.

For business or fan pages particularly, another big feature is the option to allow fans to send private messages to the admin team directly from the business’s Facebook page. This is not a mandatory feature and can be easily turned off as well.

Apart from these there are a host of other features which have also been introduced in the new Timeline. Our best advice to you is, play around with the features and settings till you find what works for you. Instead of panicking, try to figure out how you can use Facebook Timeline Covers to make your page even more attractive and informative to visitors. Good luck!

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