What and why the Facebook Timeline?

The Timeline is a way you could tell your personal story to people. You could also share your corporate group story globally and Timeline gives you the scope to a better branding of yours through picture updates and also through videos and cover photos that help you build your global insignia.

Every Facebook user was looking forward to this awe-inspiring feature in Facebook – The Timeline when Mark Zuckerberg was trying to implement this new fantabulous feature into Facebook. Everyone awaited its arrival with baited breath as it was said to be rolling out new features in recent times. Facebook was trying to contend Google Plus with the new Facebook Timeline adding that extra zing to make pages look sunnier and brighter. There was suddenly this flood of extra technicalities and designs. With perhaps some more surprises in the air in the magical bag, the subscribers are ready to wait for some more new turns in the event.

The Facebook profile was primarily very simple but now with the basic details being changed into more options like posting pictures and so on the Timeline is an interesting affair for many. Profile is an important aspect of Facebook and now you can mention your own thoughts on birth of your child, family photos, your thoughts for today, and also on political events. This is somewhat complicated than what it used to be in the past but people are just flabbergasted with the options and they would rather stick to this change. You have been sharing many things over the years but people can see the recent most changes and the updates because the older ones just slip to the bottom of the page. However, you can now go by the years that you have been on Facebook and click on the year to see the year’s posts on Facebook.

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