Get ready to get updated with the latest and more sophisticated way of presenting yourself in Facebook. Facebook Timeline as it is known as, is a better and richer version of the ‘profiles’ that we have at present.

If you were into thinking that nothing could get better as far as Facebook is concerned, be ready for yet another revolution in the name of Timeline. You can as much, wish adieu to your existing humble profile page and welcome an astonishingly splendid way of presenting yourself to the world from hence forth. If you are seeing the Facebook Timeline option flashing at some corner of your account at the moment, click on it and get started. For all you know, in the next few months, it may become mandatory in your part to glorify your presence before the world! Following are a few things you should know about the Timeline for Facebook.

Timeline, in simple words, is a new way of presenting your image to the world, most of all to those who you want should see you in a new light. This is revolutionary way to ensure that people get to know the ‘quality’ of you and your life than get a whiff of the everyday mundane activities. Say for instance, in the present manner of presentation of your profile, the older events are always pushed back irrespective of their importance. The newer posts, even if they are of no significant value in reflecting the quality of your life, will take the hot seat. Thus, if a very old and long lost friend locates you in face book, they will not get to see the very important events that may have occurred in your life in the past few months, but may come across insignificant events like ‘what your slippers looked like when your dog chewed it’.

Facebook Timeline ensures that you get to mark all your important pictures, stories, posts etc, irrespective of the time when they had been posted, and this is what your friends, rather the whole world will get to see once they reach your account. You will also have access to almost all of the older posts, pictures and stories chronologically. For example, of you want to see some event that may have happened somewhere in January 2008, all you have to do is click on 2008 and then the month option and view the details.

The most significant visual aspect of Facebook Timeline is perhaps the ‘Cover Photo’, which spreads out to the greater part of the computer screen. All you have to do is add something unique and thoroughly interesting in it (although you retain the choice of posting what your heart desires). Contrary to the relatively small and not-so-significant profile pictures, the Cover Photo gives you the option to show your better and enlarged self to the world. Post something dramatic and the response will be equally thrilling!

Among the important features of Timeline, one can mention the option of adding Life Events, adding stars and milestones to important stories that would directly show in the Timeline. The activity log is visible only to you and it shows everything about you that is logged into face book. Updating and maintaining Facebook Timeline is easy, owing to the comparatively simple layout that can be understood by all.

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  1. Okay, so after reading your article, I understand that the “Timeline” is a way of “presenting” to your friends how you want to appear. That is simple and makes sense; I also understand that I can see my old posts in order by clicking on the years or months of older posts. Can I look at my friends posts that way on their Timeline too? Oh, I’ll look at my wife’s Timeline since she has it already, and I don’t. She would prefer I don’t use Facebook at all anymore because she says I’m addicted. I don’t argue with that, but she’ll throw a fit when she finds out our new Hopper whole-home DVR had a Facebook app on it. I used it the other day and it was easy to use, and convenient since the screen is easier to see than my phone.

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