Nowadays society came to a point of ignoring privacy. We go public on everything, we’d even write an online journal of where we are and where we’ll go tomorrow. With Facebook, your profile and timeline may be private or public, but it’s highly advisable to make it private. People are wondering why they would need private profiles and private posts on the timeline since:

  1. Whatever gets posted is not a secret
  2. Their friends should see the activity and all posts and eventually friends of friends as well
  3. People who don’t know them wouldn’t be interested in their profiles

Well, there is some amount of truth in that point of view but Facebook timeline privacy settings should be considered because:

  1. The less people know about you the more you are protected and can live a normal life. Think about all the Hollywood stars … do they have a normal life with enough privacy?
  2. There are weird people and even worse, psychos. The last thing you want is having them look at your personal information, your location, posts or anything else on your profile.

There are basically two different scenarios on Facebook timeline privacy settings:

  • You are currently trying the timeline as you still had the “old” profile
  • You already have the timeline in use

Changing to the timeline from the classic Facebook profile look

Some of us weren’t even interested about what the timeline has to offer or simply didn’t log in for a while, thus didn’t install the Facebook timeline. At any moment you may choose to start using the timeline! However, you must be aware of all changes once you’re there.

An important side of the Facebook timeline privacy settings is the privacy and appearance of older posts. You should really get the time to re-read all of the posts on your profile since you’d most probably delete or hide some of them. It’s important to have the “human filter” proofread your new wall (which looks different thanks to the timeline).

Your photos are another important factor. It’s easy to change privacy settings per every photo album you have on your profile. Using any Facebook applications would also interfere with the timeline, as these apps could post automatically to your timeline. Facebook timeline privacy settings allow you to set the privacy of such automatic application-posts.

From your personal information, just like before, you can choose to share your:

  • Relationship status
  • Education
  • Job(s)
  • Events of any nature from your life
  • Date of birth
  • Location

You can also choose privacy on:

  • Giving others the possibility of finding you by name or contact information
  • Acceptance of incoming friend requests
  • Acceptance of incoming Facebook messages
  • Acceptance of timeline posts
  • If someone else posted anything on your timeline, who will be able to see that post

As simple as these seem as important they actually are!

Already being a user of the Facebook timeline

This scenario is almost the same as the above. You don’t have to deal with things such as:

  • Setting up your albums’ privacy settings and apps to appear on the timeline
  • Setting up basic account information privacy

For any situation there is also a surprisingly useful function within Facebook timeline privacy settings: we are now able to change the privacy of all our posts to appear to friends only.

The main privacy rules are: choose your Facebook friends with consideration and make use of all the privacy settings we’ve presented in the article. Facebook timeline privacy settings are simple and should be applied accordingly by every user of Facebook!

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